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Consulting Services

Christopher Moore, consultant

Helping to create excellent products

Seven Woods Audio is committed to helping manufacturers quickly create digital or analog audio products that-- My clients include manufacturers of professional audio, consumer audio, broadcast, telecommunications, and computer equipment.

Key skill areas

Professional background

I have been providing consulting services for the development of audio products for eleven years. Previously, I worked as a project engineer, manager, and entrepreneur in audio product definition and design, marketing and sales, and business operations. I have designed entire products, as well as contributed detailed analog and digital circuit designs. I have determined customer needs and mapped emerging technology onto those needs. A Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society and a member of the IEEE, I hold two US patents in the field of digital reverberation. I received a BS degree in electrical engineering from Yale University, with minor concentrations in English and music.

My work experience includes five years as Executive Vice President of AKG Acoustics, Inc., an international company noted for professional microphones and other electroacoustic products. In that capacity, I managed an independent division designing and manufacturing a sophisticated MIDI-based digital reverberation and effects system and a RAM based digital audio workstation, the DSE 7000.

Prior to AKG, I founded Ursa Major, Inc., a pioneering company that designed, manufactured, and distributed low cost digital reverberation and effects equipment. For eight years, Ursa Major was a well known supplier of this equipment in all the major world markets. Ursa Major was purchased by AKG Acoustics.

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Seven Woods Audio Application Notes

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